Law Enforcement Records Management

ITI’s Enterprise Law Enforcement Records Management (RMS) is an advanced reporting system designed to meet the needs of any law enforcement agency. The heart of RMS is Offense/Incident Reporting, a robust data entry tool that speeds up the collection, reporting, approval and dissemination of criminal activity and incident reports. In addition to providing reports for use in criminal cases, the Offense/Incident reporting module collects statistical information for use with the built-in Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and optional state specific Incident Based Reporting (IBR) functions.

Each Offense/Incident Report can include the forms you select, customizing the report for the case at hand. In this way, officers can add individual Persons, Vehicles, Citations (summons), Accident, Towing and many other forms to their report, as needed. The Officers Narrative section includes spell checking and rich text features to provide clean and professional narratives. A separate Press Narrative is included for preparing sanitized press reports.

Aliases and Known Associates are tracked with each person, allowing officers to easily search by moniker and to find related persons. The built-in Images and Attachments section provides for crime scene, person, vehicle or related photos, as well as any type of electronic attachment, directly to the report. Each image or attachment is automatically signed with an electronic signature to track its authenticity and provide chain of custody reporting Each file is then automatically stored in the Microsoft SQL database to ensure their availability and attachment to the case file. Photo lineups are also included and stored for evidentiary purposes. RMS also includes robust features for Arrests Reports, Field Interview Reports (FIR), Warrants, Officer Daily Reports and Offender Registration. The built-in Evidence Management module provides full Chain-of-Custody reporting as well as bar-code printing and inventory features.

Managing cases, case assignments and case loading is made easy with the built-in Case Management module. Cases can even be recommended to the investigations unit based upon configurable solvability factors that are collected by reporting officers. The Case Notes section is a useful feature for investigators to collect information prior to completing Supplemental Reports.

Included in RMS is Racial Profiling, to collect information relative to state mandated reporting. Report audits and print history are also included to ensure accountability throughout the software. Cautions and Alerts bring attention to persons and addresses. Access restrictions ensure that only authorized persons have access to each report. Multiple report approval levels can be configured to meet the needs of any size agency. And of course ITI’s RMS integrates tightly with our CAD to automatically include all pertinent dispatch information.  ITI’s Enterprise RMS is truly an Enterprise class reporting system.

Summary of Features:

  • Arrest and Booking
  • Offense / Incident Reports
  • Field Interview Reports
  • Officer Daily Activity Reports
  • Warrants
  • Images and Attachments
  • Property and Evidence Management
  • Accident Reports* 
  • Investigative Case Management
  • Case Notes
  • Photo Lineups
  • Officers Narrative and Press Narrative
  • Offender Registration
  • Probation ad Parole Tracking
  • Racial Profiling Reporting
  • Case Solvability Ranking
  • Summons
  • Supplemental Reports
  • Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) 
  • Vehicle Tow

*Includes non-state-specific accident reports. State-specific reports available as an option.


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