Query Report Writer

ITI’s Query Report Writer is included in our Enterprise Public Safety Framework and provides a central location for managing all reports. Included is a powerful ad-hoc query engine with point-and-click report generation capabilities that can be extended to create complex multi-pass queries. Custom report design is supported as well as enhanced security rights for each query.

Users can build queries based on intelligently grouped data or combine multiple queries into a single report. Using the Query Report Writer, you can select data fields from easy-to-use groups, watermark your reports for a distinct publishing style or output data to Excel for presentation in a variety of graphing formats. Publication options include Rich Text, HTML, Excel, PDF, text and output to ITI’s Dispatch or Workstation/Mobile maps.

With Query Report Writer, you can generate dynamic reports using the Ask Later and Compare To functions, as well as create weekly, monthly or annually recurring reports with advanced formatting. Professional reports and publications are just clicks away with ITI’s Query Report Writer.

 The Ultimate FAQ (Frequently Asked Queries):

Our Client Services Group also maintains a vast library of pre-built, ready-to-run query reports that have been requested by hundreds of agencies using the Enterprise Edition software. Click the download feature in the Query Report Writer and have instant access to the library at no additional charge. We add to our extensive library of pre-defined queries on a weekly basis. It's also a great way to learn, get started, or expand your reporting. This powerful, custom Query Report Writer is included with your system at no additional cost.


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