Policy Manual

Policy Manual allows for the organization of all internal department policies and general orders into one, straightforward electronic manual that can be printed or viewed on-screen by agency personnel. The software provides a table of contents and index to quickly assist staff in locating policies by subject. Policy Manual eliminates the problem of outdated manuals and the cost of outside printing. Printing can be security-controlled and viewing is tracked and audited.

Some of the features of Policy Manual include:

  • Manage multiple policy and procedure manuals, such as Communications, Patrol, Investigations, and more
  • Security can be controlled by individual manual
  • Table of contents are automatically created as the manual is created
  • All manuals are up-to-date and available on each agency's PC, including mobile units

For more information, or to schedule a free demo of the program, give us a call at 800.814.4843 or send us an email at sales@itiusa.com.