Personnel Management

ITI’s Personnel Management software is included with each sale. This flexible package maintains employee records including employment history, contact information, emergency contact information, medical information and training records. Training records include certifications and POST related documentation. Equipment assigned under ITI’s Asset/Fleet Management software is also shown under Personnel Management. Personnel Management also maintains employee photos and makes various information available throughout ITI’s public safety software.

Personnel Management helps manage the following information:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Track unique capabilities of each employee (bilingual, CVSA examiner, firearms instructor, etc)
  • Job assignments, rankings and the history of all changes
  • Current and previous supervisors
  • Medical information including history, current medications, allergies, physician contacts, and more
  • Employment history
  • Training history including all training class detail (hours, category, CEUs, validity dates)
  • Track certifications, recertification requirements, expirations, and hours
  • Complete paperless capability built-in allowing you store images of certificates, photographs, and documents

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