Mobile Patrol

ITI’s Mobile Patrol provides dispatch and related information to mobile computer-equipped patrol units. Utilizing commercial wireless services, ITI’s Mobile Patrol communicates securely to provide a mobile office for officers in the field. Silent Dispatch sends assignments from CAD while the Unit Status feature shows the location, status and related information about other units in the department or precinct. Mobile Patrol includes electronic ticket writing at no additional charge. By adding ticket printers patrol officers can effortlessly enter tickets, reducing the workload on the back end while producing instant statistics.

Using a touch screen or mouse, Mobile Patrol enables officers in the field to easily:

  • Make inquiries into the local or NCIC database for persons, property or vehicles
  • Use the Department Desk Book, E-mail or Chat feature to communicate with other officers or dispatch
  • Open an Event as an On-View Incident
  • Make Unit Status changes for en route, arrival, in and out of service
  • Initiate and respond to Silent Dispatches from CAD, providing secure communications
  • User-selectable night-mode color schemes allow for safer and more comfortable operation in low light or total darkness

Extending Your Officer's Productivity with Companion Devices and Mapping:

Using our optional in-vehicle ticket printer an officer's safety and productivity can increase in countless ways.

 Ticket Printers - ITI supports Brother mobile ticket printers, providing a custom, professional-looking citation that your department will be proud to hand out. Multiple copies can be printed automatically, should your department wish to maintain paper copies. For states with Racial Profiling requirements, Mobile Patrol also uses this data to answer and nearly complete your racial profiling report. 


Mobile Mapping - ITI's Workstation/Mobile Map is a companion product to our Dispatch Map. It provides officers in the field with a comprehensive set of geographic mapping capabilities utilizing agency supplied ESRI shape files or GEO database. Assigned calls for service (or all open calls) and current vehicle positions are displayed along with routing information (requires agency supplied network data set). Field personnel can also easily plot historical data to the map using data from ITI's Query Report Writer.


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