Enterprise Public Safety Framework

By definition, framework is a structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a fundamental support used as the basis for something being constructed.

Analogous to this supportive structure, the ITI Enterprise Edition product line includes “core functionality” called the ITI Enterprise Public Safety Framework which acts as the foundation for all modules on the Enterprise platform, including CAD, Records Management, Jail Management, Code Enforcement, Court Administration and all ancillary modules.

Each of the ITI Enterprise Edition modules share key data and are centrally managed by the Enterprise Public Safety Framework, thereby increasing your productivity and ability to easily manage data, reports, security issues and internal communications.

ITI's Enterprise Public Safety Framework includes the following features:

  • A Dynamically Configurable Desktop with per-user preferences
  • Windows Services
  • Web Services
  • Security/Authentication
  • System Administration and Configuration
  • Query Report Writer
  • Business and Emergency Contacts Directory
  • Internal Email
  • Internal Chat
  • Department Desk Book
  • Real-Time, Informational Snapshots
  • User-Selectible Application Color Schemes
  • Department Message Board
  • Calendar and Calculator Tools
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Color Schemes (includes Night Modes for mobile workstations)


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