ITI's Enterprise Suite

ITI’s Enterprise product line is a comprehensive suite of public safety software designed to meet the needs of virtually any size agency. Starting with the Enterprise Public Safety Framework, your agency can simply and affordably add the modules needed to create a customized system to meet your needs.

Whether you are using our software at a workstation in your office or from a patrol vehicle out in the field, the user interface remains consistent. This reduces training and makes access to your data fast and simple. Our entire Enterprise suite is “mobile aware,” meaning that you can run any of our modules on low bandwidth wireless networks. Mobile computing has never been easier. There is no Message Switch and no special mobile applications required; only a mobile license.

Data security is built-in, with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol securing every packet of data sent, whether across a wire or across public wireless networks. Additionally, administrators can granularly control access to data throughout the software and have access to audit logs.

Advanced search features, including Soundex, provide quick access for users to authorized data across modules. With integrated spell checking and rich text formatting, every report from your agency can look neat and professional.

Feature rich image and attachment management is included throughout the ITI suite. Virtually any file type can be stored within the secure environment of our software, eliminating bulky paper case files. Support for TWAIN compliant scanners is included, enabling single or multi-page documents to be easily included.


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