Computer Aided Dispatch

Our Computer Aided Dispatch provides the speed, functionality and ease-of-use needed for dispatch centers of any size. Multiple precincts allow dispatchers to work within an assigned precinct, while still having access to the shared resources of the entire agency. Utilizing advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) features allows dispatchers to quickly ascertain priorities and status of officers and related information. Our Command Line Interface enables dispatchers to take action quickly, while traditional Windows point-and-click and drag-and-drop features are also available.

Each Event contains all of the information you need to track, including multiple persons, vehicles, locations and notes, as well as geographic information and a chronological log. Call priority, unit recommendation and address history are just a few of the advanced features built-in and readily available.

ITI wrote the book on configurable public safety software, and our Enterprise Edition CAD is the sequel with many new features. Data input forms and fields are customizable to fit the special needs of virtually any type dispatch center. Every dispatcher function can be customized, both in name (for the Command Line) and assignment to function keys. This allows agencies upgrading from outdated software to maintain terminology and base functionality, thus reducing training time.

Enterprise CAD is proven to be easy to learn and use. Online help is available at any time with a single click or command. Dispatchers are prompted for the information required throughout the system and quick reference lists of units, DSNs, status codes, telephone numbers, street directions and much more are available instantly.

New from the ground up, our 4th Generation CAD is an Enterprise application, built around Microsoft’s .NET framework and SQL Server technologies. This brings unparalleled speed and reliability at an affordable price. Multiple monitors are supported throughout ITI’s products, providing enhanced productivity and quick reference to critical information, including ITI’s optional Dispatch Map. Our Enterprise Edition is truly the future of Computer Aided Dispatch.


ITI has dozens of interfaces available to link your Enterprise CAD system to the most popular ITI and federal, state, regional and third party systems, including E911, Dispatch Map, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Mobile Computing (Silent Dispatch), NCIC, Medical Alert and law enforcement and fire Records Management. 

E911 Interface - Our E911 Interface provides an interface to your existing E911 system to provide real-time ANI/ALI information from the E911 system to your dispatch stations. With our E911 Interface, historical information is automatically saved in your CAD system without manual data entry by your dispatchers. When an E911 call is received, the E911 Interface automatically captures the information and places it into the CAD system as a pending call. This enables any call taker to quickly process the call without retyping the caller's ANI / ALI information. The telephone company E911 system must contain a CAD port (RS-232,  USB or RJ-45) for communication to a dedicated E911 computer.

Dispatch Map - ITI's Dispatch Map is integrated within our Enterprise Framework to provide geographic mapping capabilities tightly integrated with our CAD software. Calls for service entered into CAD, E911 calls from the telephone company’s ANI/ALI and agency GPS vehicle locations are all displayed on the Dispatch Map with configurable icons. Dispatchers can point to any call on the map to retrieve real-time dispatch information and interact with the CAD. In addition, routing information is provided along with graphical representations of recommended units for dispatch on pending calls. The Dispatch Map can also display results from queries sent to ITI’s Query Report Writer. The Dispatch Map can be run directly within ITI’s Enterprise Framework on a licensed CAD station or from a separate workstation displaying a larger map for use by multiple dispatchers.

Dispatchers can perform features such as:

  • Automatically locate and mark E911 calls
  • Casually query and locate addresses
  • Fully control zoom and pan functions on the map display
  • Simultaneously display multiple maps with customizable layers of information

All functions are available to the dispatcher through an icon based tool set for ease of use.

Dispatch Monitoring - Dispatch Monitoring is part of ITI's Web Access suite and provides real-time access to CAD information via web browser on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. With Dispatch Monitoring users can search CAD information, view live and historical CAD Event data, View Activity Logs, the Contact/Business Directory, Phone List and related information. Dispatch Monitoring is a valuable tool for use by agencies dispatched by any call center using ITI's Computer Aided Dispatch software.   

CAD To RMS Web Service - If your agency dispatches for other ITI clients, we offer ITI’s CAD to RMS Web Service. This interface allows your dispatch center to automatically send the CAD event data to one or multiple ITI Records Management systems that you dispatch for. ITI’s CAD software will obtain the next sequential report number from the responsible agency’s Records Management software and send the entire event to the agency and create the beginning of the report for the agency. This web service can eliminate the phone calls and reduce radio traffic to obtain response and arrival times and other pertinent data related to an event.  


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